Working out is critical to my playing.  I perform much better if do something to workout the morning before a performance.  So while on tour, I go the the gym.  At home I’m spoiled, I have treadmill in my home and I OWN a gorgeous dance studio with all the functional strength training fun a gal could need.  So the only “gym” I attend is the YMCA for lap swimming.  So going to gyms on tour always fascinates me.  And begs the questions, are you at the gym or the library?

How can you have good form if you are hunched over a book or magazine?  How can you be working out at your optimal level if you are having a conversation on your cell phone?  Doesn’t it sound weird to the other person on the phone?  How effectively are you using your body if you are running and texting?  How do you not fall off?  The guy that takes the cake this morning had a show on his personal TV, a Kindle propped up and was concurrently reading a book, AND had his phone in his hand the entire time to send multiple SMS while riding his stationary bike.  Really?  Do you hate working out that much that you need that many distractions?

If you are at the gym, embrace it!  Pay attention to your body!!!!!!!  I get that it helps to pass the time to do all the other stuff, but are you able to hear your body’s needs through the clutter and distractions?  No.  Working out is meant to get you in touch with your body not further distract you from it’s requirements.  LISTEN.  Feel each step.  Relish the unhappy moments of discomfort and the endurance you are creating.  Pay attention to when something feels tight or when it feels great.  Breath to fuel your muscles.  Working out should nourish your body AND feed your soul.  Put the crap down and get to it!


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