Performance-related musculoskeletal disorders (PRMDs) include any pain, weakness, numbness, tingling, or other symptom that interferes with the ability to play an instrument at the level to which the musician is accustomed.  Diagnosed injuries, such as carpal tunnel or tendinitis, are often included with PRMDs.

The field of performing arts medicine is a new specialty that is growing quickly due to increasing demand.  Musicians are incurring PRMDs from playing at an alarming rate.  The rate of PRMDs in instrumental musicians fluctuated from 37% to 87% in the literature.1  Overuse was the most common condition afflicting all types of instrumental musicians.2-8  Overuse was often categorized as musculoskeletal pain and overuse syndromes.9  Musicians experienced PRMDs most frequently in the upper-extremities.10-17  Females were more likely to suffer from PRMDs than males.5,8,18-22  The younger demographics were more susceptible to PRMDs.8,13,22,23  The larger the instrument was, the more likely the player would incur an injury.5,18,19

My PhD thesis investigated PRMDs in bassoon players.  Previous studies grouped the bassoon with dissimilar instruments when publishing results thus tainting specific findings.  Bassoon was often poorly represented in sample sizes because of the rarity of the instrument.15  Previous research reported bassoonists incurring PRMDs from playing, between 5%21 to 80%.12

To provide more information on the rate of PRMDs in this small population an international questionnaire was conducted via the Internet, which was proven a successful tool for gathering Musician information by the University of North Texas Musician Survey.12  The International Bassoonists Questionnaire (IBQ) was created.  The IBQ covered:

  1. Types of injuries and PRMDs experienced by bassoon players
  2. Injury and PRMD frequency among bassoon players
  3. Severity of PRMDs
  4. Location of PRMDs
  5. Duration of PRMDs
  6. Treatments used
  7. Contributing factors to the development of PRMDs
  8. Perceptions of the bassoon community regarding PRMDs
  9. Exercise regiment of bassoon players
  10. Demographic information

The IBQ was left open for over eight months and was closed on 25 May 2007 with 212 respondents.

Results from the IBQ will be posted in February 2012.  Check back soon!

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