“Fit As a Fiddle” by William J. Dawson, MD

  • Overall guide to musician injury
  • Explains anatomy and injuries very well
  • Is not written specifically about the bassoon but is easy adaptable

“Playing (Less) Hurt” by Janet Horvath

  • Written for Cello but easily adaptable to the bassoon
  • Some really good ideas with suggestions to try in your own practice

“The Musician’s Body: a maintenance manual for peak performance” by Jaume Rosset I Llobet and George Odam

  • Pretty pictures
  • Some funny explanations
  • Overall not too many new ideas
  • Does not specify the bassoon

“Healthy Practice for Musicians” by Elizabeth Andrews

  • Written by a chiropractor who is also a violinist
  • Has some good ideas and some out there ideas
  • Talks a lot about resetting muscles and homeopathic solutions

“The Musician’s Survival Manual: A Guide to Preventing and Treating Injuries in Instrumentalists by Richard Norris

  • Any introductory book for Musician Injury
  • Not as pertinent as some of the newer literature available

“The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: your self-treatment guide for pain relief” by Clair Davies and Amber Davies

  • Detailed instructions for self-treatment of trigger points (a type of massage)

“What Every Musicians Needs to Know About the Body” by Barbara Conable

  • Many figures with good information about anatomy
  • Believes that body mapping (knowing correct anatomy) will help solve injuries

“You Are Your Instrument” by Julie Lyonn Lieberman

“Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists” by Thomas W. Myers

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