Learning how to practice is essential. Many of the books on mental preparation have practice tips too!  After all, mental rehearsal is one of the very best, under used, tools!!!

“The Practice Revolution” by Philip Johnston

  • Good book on practice skills
  • Written for music teachers that work with young students but the techniques are applicable to all musicians

“The Art of Practicing: a guide to making music from the heart by Madeline Bruser

  • Aimed at pianists
  • Detailed 10-step approach
  • Discusses injury prevention
  • Covers mental side of playing too

“Passionate Practice: the musician’s guide to learning, memorizing and performing by Margret Elson

  • Aimed at pianists but some applicable ideas
  • Nice stories from famous performers with good ideas to try
  • Step by step instructions
  • Addresses mental side of playing too
“The Musician’s Way: A guide to practice, performance and wellness” by Gerald Klickstein

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