For each recital I perform, I always write program notes for my audience about the pieces.  I feel that if the audience knows something about the pieces and has things to listen for they will enjoy the performance more.  Plus I enjoy doing research about the piece and the composer as I find it helps my performance.  These are not meant to be scholarly works, but instead are for the average non-musician attending a concert; I write my program notes thinking about what my mom would be interested to know….

Program notes are available for:

Boismortier – Sonata in G Major, Opus 50, No. 2 for bassoon and harpsichord/continuo

Edwards – Water Spirit Song for unaccompanied bassoon

Glinka – Allegro Moderato in g minor (first movement of viola Sonata in d minor) for bassoon and piano

Glinka – Trio Pathetique for clarinet, bassoon, and piano

Gubaidulina – Duo Sonata for two bassoons

Koechlin – Sonata Op 71 for bassoon and piano

Mignone – 16 Waltzes for solo bassoon

Weber – Concerto in F Major for bassoon and orchestra (or piano reduction)