“Essentials of Bassoon Technique” by Toplansky and Cooper

  • The bible of bassoon fingers

“The Bassoon Reed Manual: Lou Skinner’s Techniques” by McKay

  • Covers two main reed styles
  • Great book to learn some of the science behind reed making

“The Art of Bassoon Playing” by William Spence

  • Nice over view of the bassoon, a good read for beginners

“The Art of Wind Playing” by Arthur Weisberg

  • Written by a famous bassoonist, but generalizes for all woodwinds
  • Covers ways to practice different woodwind techniques

“Bassoon Technique” by Archi Camden

  • Written by the famous English bassoonist, it is a short read

“The bassoon and double bassoon: a short history of their origin, development, and makers” by Lyndsay Graham Langwill

  • The first attempt to identify the chronology of the bassoon

“The bassoon: its history, construction, makers, players, and music” by Will Jansen

  • Five volume work that covers bassoon history

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