The 2010 BCMCC has received positive reviews both for the expansion to the repertoire and the performance.  Including:

 “Paula Brusky shows real commitment to this music and plays with conviction and panache….” – Fanfare’s Jeremy Marchant

“…the bassoon enters on a wonderful low note, doubling the cello.  It may steal in, but it has an authority and presence- just what is necessary to convince any listener slightly uneasy about a whole CD of bassoon music..  And, indeed these words- authority and presence- are the watchwords for Brusky’s performances of all the works here.” – Fanfare’s Jeremy Marchant

BBC Music stated: The repertory of music for neglected instruments like the bassoon has expanded due to commissions from performers like Paula Brusky; her 2010 Bassoon Chamber Music Composition Competition was won by the four composers whose works she and her colleagues present here…. – BBC Music

Concert reviews:

“…the performers had just played the hell out of his music…” in regards to Stefan Cwik’s 8 Miniatures on March 3, 2012 – San Francisco Civic Center

PhD recital on 16 June 2009 was awarded a “high distinction” mark from the panel of examiners. Specific comments included:

You seem as if all the aspects of your playing have come together – it felt flowing, easy and the big picture is really inspiring. – Kim Walker

Fabulous stage presence. – Alexa Still

Played with an expressive tone and refined sense of phrase. – James Kortum