The more efficiently you practice, the less time you will spend alone in a room doing it and the better a player you will become.  I’m a firm believer that more practice isn’t better.  Correct practice is what will make you a better player.  So little time is spent in lessons discussing practicing when that is really the most important thing.  If you aren’t practicing correctly you are wasting your time and not improving.  I spend a lot of my student’s lessons making sure that when I’m not standing next to them they stay on course and have successful practice sessions.  The following links are some tips that are universally effective to increase your productivity.

Preparing for a Lesson – the entire point of good teacher is to get you to the point where you can teach yourself.  Ideas to get the most out of your lessons and to train yourself to teach you are explained here.  You can begin to teach yourself while studying with a great teacher and the result will be even better lessons that cover more!

In the Room – covers things you can do when you are in the practice room to make the most out of the time you are spending.

Keeping Motivated – being a musician is hard.  It’s a constant challenge and some days you just don’t want to work so hard.  You aren’t alone, we all feel that way from time to time!  Here I’ve included some things that have helped me get through life being a musician.