Works that have recently come to my attention.  If you wish to be put in touch with any of the composers contact me.

 Composer  Title  Instrumentation
 Avni, Boaz  Sonata for Bassoon and Piano  Bsn, Piano
 Bowlby, Timothy  ANtErioR Landscapes  Oboe, Bsn, Piano
 Bowlby, Timothy  Soliloquy: “Grey Matters”  Solo bsn
 Gottschalk, Arthur  The Five Stages of Loss  Flute, Clarinet, Contra bsn, Piano, Vibraphone, Violin, Cello
 Hartke, Stephen  Cantata: Sons of Noah  Soprano, 4 Flutes, 4 Bsn, 4 Guitars
 Havelaar, Rocco  Contra Solo  Contra bsn
 Hodel, Stephan  Five Sketches: 1. Groove Lane  Bass Clarinet, Bsn
 Hodel, Stephan  Five Sketches: 2. Waltz  Clarinet, Bsn
 Hodel, Stephan  Five Sketches: 3. Chant de l’Alpe  Bass Clarinet, Bsn
 Hodel, Stephan  Five Sketches: 4. Schottisch  Clarinet, Bsn
 Hodel, Stephan  Five Sketches: 5. Dança Latina  Bass Clarinet, Bsn
 Hovatter, Kyle  Dance for Bassoon and Piano  Bsn, Piano
 Hovatter, Kyle  Plum Green  Bsn, Piano
 LeBaron, Anne  After a Dammit to Hell  Solo bsn
 Levy, Micah  An Eggroll and a Bite  Solo bsn
 Levy, Micah  Sweet Sixteenths  Solo bsn
 Livingston, Samuel  Trio in F  Flute, Clarinet, Bsn
 Rubin, Justin  Night Song for Noa  Clarinet, Bassoon and Piano
 Rubin, Justin  Bagatelles for Bassoon and Marimba
 Rubin, Justin  Nostalgia  Bsn, Piano
 Rubin, Justin  Recitative Styrienne  Solo bsn
 Rubin, Justin  Boutadettas  Bsn, Piano
 Rubin, Justin  Bouveaux Estampies  Clarinet, Bsn
 Rubin, Justin  Un Piccolo Duetto Di Basso  Bsn, Violincello
 Rubin, Justin  Hocket in You Pocket  Bsn, Percussion
 Rubin, Justin  Un Temps Calme  Bsn, Organ
 Rubin, Justin  Fantasy on Pamina’s Aria  Bsn, Piano
 Rubin, Justin  Choosing Sides  Clarinet, Bsn, Marimba
 Rubin, Justin  Dancing on Delicate Ground  Bsn, String Trio
 Rubin, Justin  Dash  Bsn, Vibraphone
 Russo, Joseph  In the Woods  Bsn Quartet
 Schroeter, Guilherme  Scherzo, Op. 18  Bsn, Piano
 Schroeter, Guilherme  Musica, Op. 11  Bsn, Piano
 Schroeter, Guilherme  Fantasy (Descriptive Music), Op. 38  Flute, Clarinet, Bsn, Piano
 Schroeter, Guilherme  Sonata, Op. 48  Bsn, Piano
 Schroeter, Guilherme  Fantasy, Op. 189  Bsn, Piano
 Schroeter, Guilherme  Fantasy (Classica), Op. 88  2 Flutes, 2 Clarinets, 2 Bsns, Piano
 Schroeter, Guilherme  Sonata, Op. 198  Bsn, Piano
 Wicks,  Christopher  Concerto for Bassoon and Chamber Orchestra