The bassoon is a brilliantly versatile instrument.  Though we don’t have as much literature available as the violin nor are we as well known, there is a lot of interesting, challenging, and rewarding music available to bassoon players.  Regretfully a lot of bassoon studios tend to recycle the same 6 pieces over and over.  If you want to try something different but don’t know what, consult the links below.  These are lists I’ve complied over the years to provide fun options for performances.

New Works – works that have recently come to my attention.  If you see something that interests you, contact me and I can probably put you in touch with the composer; thanks to the BCMCC many composers send me information about their newest works!

Solo Literature – including unaccompanied works, sonatas with piano, concertos with orchestra or with piano reductions, and pieces for other instrument that would work well on the bassoon.

Etude Literature – etude books written to improve bassoon technique.

Chamber Music Literature – a small collection of chamber works that include the bassoon.