A new direction in education?

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Over the summer I’ve been busy writing curricula.  In the upcoming school year I’m teach five separate courses, three which are brand new to me (two are brand new to the school too!)  So I’ve been thinking a lot about higher education and things I wish I had gotten from my 1/2 million dollar degrees.  I went to great schools and overall I’m very happy with what I learned.  But as I’ve gone on post school (and write those every so large loan checks – thankfully I was heavily...

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Magic Reeds

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Want bassoon reeds that last for MONTHS??

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Don’t Panic! Problem Solve!!!

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When a dress rehearsal causes a 2 am panic…

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How Bassoon & Pole relate

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Dan Powers from the Post Crescent was intrigued by my duality and created this video about how my two passions interconnect.

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Collaborative Pianists

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A good pianist is worth their weight in gold…or something else that is very expensive and heavy.  The more I perform at an elite level the more I understand the impact those playing around me have.  As a student I knew it mattered but now it is critical.  It is enough to play all the notes, I need to ay something with them!  When I play with someone who is just banging away the energy on stage is so different from open.  It’s like I’m trying to fight with them rather than play with them.  Like...

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