How Bassoon & Pole relate

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Dan Powers from the Post Crescent was intrigued by my duality and created this video about how my two passions interconnect.

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Surviving Tour

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Being on tour.  To the non-musician it sounds fun, sexy even.  It sounds like you are getting paid to travel and see the world.  But to the musician it means the inside of hotel rooms, the inside of concert halls, and planes, trains or automobiles.  Very rarely on a tour do you have a lot of time to yourself.  At least, not in the tours I schedule because my time is limited in the region and I want to cram as many concerts and educational events in as possible.  So after a few days, which feel like a month, I...

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Are you at the gym or the library?

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Working out is critical to my playing.  I perform much better if do something to workout the morning before a performance.  So while on tour, I go the the gym.  At home I’m spoiled, I have treadmill in my home and I OWN a gorgeous dance studio with all the functional strength training fun a gal could need.  So the only “gym” I attend is the YMCA for lap swimming.  So going to gyms on tour always fascinates me.  And begs the questions, are you at the gym or the library? How can you have good form...

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