Post on Copyright

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Copyright law in the USA is broken.  It is not serving the functions for which it was intended….here’s an idea on how to fix it….or at least start to fix it….

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A new direction in education?

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Over the summer I’ve been busy writing curricula.  In the upcoming school year I’m teach five separate courses, three which are brand new to me (two are brand new to the school too!)  So I’ve been thinking a lot about higher education and things I wish I had gotten from my 1/2 million dollar degrees.  I went to great schools and overall I’m very happy with what I learned.  But as I’ve gone on post school (and write those every so large loan checks – thankfully I was heavily...

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Composer v. Instrumentalist (can’t we all just work together??)

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How can we unite the two sides of our field to make a more profitable business?

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The day before tour

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It’s the day before I go on tour.  I have checked in to my flight and printed my boarding pass.  My mile long check-list of things I HAD to do before leaving has all but two things crossed off (and one of those is happening in 2.5 hours, the other in 4).  I think the hardest part of owning a business is planning ahead.  Because I’m about to leave for 10 days I had to do problem solving in advance for ANYTHING that could come up.  I’m very lucky because my employees are great.  But man does it...

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