It’s the day before I go on tour.  I have checked in to my flight and printed my boarding pass.  My mile long check-list of things I HAD to do before leaving has all but two things crossed off (and one of those is happening in 2.5 hours, the other in 4).  I think the hardest part of owning a business is planning ahead.  Because I’m about to leave for 10 days I had to do problem solving in advance for ANYTHING that could come up.  I’m very lucky because my employees are great.  But man does it take a lot of thinking to get things in place to leave for 10 days.

But that is really the story of my life, isn’t it?  As a bassoonist, I’m about to go on tour so I started the reeds I plan on playing on 6-9 months ago.  They were rested and tips clipped within the last 2-10 days.  Today I continued to refine and break them in so for the first performance I’ll have a beautiful reed.  Planning is my life.

Now I have to “plan” my footwear.  With my bassoon stuff and injury prevention workshop stuff I only have 2/3 of my checked suitcase for my own use.  So am I really going to have room for ALL the shoes I want to bring?  Sadly no.  Stupid airlines and their expensive bag fees!  So packing will be very strategic.  Obviously the Vibram will get the nod because I will be jogging a lot in the mornings to decrease performance anxiety symptoms.  And of course my concert heels will be coming (and yes, I will limit myself to one pair and a spare.)  But then comes the issue, how many boots.  And this is Texas, shouldn’t I be bringing more sandals?  It’s FREEZING out today so that is hard to imagine.  Oh how I long for warmth!!!!!!!  Texas here I come….after I pack….

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  1. 1-20-2012

    Have a great trip! XOXO

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