Kyle Hovatter wrote this great new work for bassoon and track.  I premiered the work at the University of Texas Austin on January 24, 2012.  Subsequent performances included Texas Lutheran University and Stephen F. Austin University.  Purchase the score via the composers website.

Program Notes: Outside my San Francisco apartment window seemingly unrelated sounds fade and pan.  Street traffic, parks, fog horns, rain, emergency sirens, pedestrians, freight ships; they all seem to create their own counterpoint.  At first this resonates as an overwhelming cacophony without focus or purpose.  Yet once heard with amenable contentment the variant sounds are given the chance to condense into accord. “Mist” is a duet for  bassoon and track where the solo instrument and prerecorded sounds are given equal importance.  It has been written for and dedicated to Paula Brusky, the premiering bassoonist.


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